Month: March 2017

Rays Farm Fun for Reception

Winterfold’s Reception class had lots of fun at Rays Farm in the Shropshire countryside on Wednesday 29th March. The children were able to see guinea pigs, lamas, reindeer, chickens, owls and loved the pygmy goat paddock where they were able to stroll amongst the friendly goats.      

Jason and the Golden Fleece

On Tuesday 28th March, Yr 3–8 pupils were treated to a production of Jason and the Golden Fleece. The performance was an interactive experience for the children who were all involved in rowing the Argo as one of Jason’s Argonauts. The children all enjoyed the play which reinforced many areas of the curriculum including myths […]

“Stand in the place where you live” – local geography

On Wednesday 29th March, Year 1 pupils went on a trip to Worcester and Chaddesley Corbett where they learnt about how settlements start and compared the sights of a city to a village. The children learnt about old and modern buildings and the materials used. They heard how street names told a story of what used […]

WW2 Experiences

Leo Maturi’s father came as a visiting speaker to talk to Year 5 pupils about his family’s experiences during WW2.  He brought in original artefacts including photographs, a Nazi swastika arm band and an RAF flight map.

Kindergarten 1’s Farm Shop

Kindergarten 1 children have loved listening to the story of ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and created a display. They have also done some vegetable printing. The role-play area has been turned into a Farm Shop selling real vegetables, which has given the children a great opportunity to talk about healthy eating.    

Romans for a Day….

On Friday 24th March, Year 3 went to visit Caerleon Roman Fortress near Newport in Wales and had a fantastic day learning about the Romans. They had a chance to dress up as soldiers in Roman armour; they looked around the baths; and explored the remains of the amphitheatre and barracks. They also went to […]

Shakespeare week – Museum of Art and Design (MAD), Stratford-Upon-Avon

Year 6 pupils had a fascinating time visiting the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in Stratford-Upon-Avon on Tuesday 21st March. The museum has an unusual collection of machines based on mechanical engineering, fused with art.  Heath Robinson’s designs and bizarre contraptions have inspired much of the work on display. The curiosities captured the imagination […]

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