Month: February 2018

Frazer shares the story of Harry Moseley with Year 4

Frazer has shared with Year 4 the inspirational story of Harry Moseley who, whilst bravely battling with a brain tumour, made and sold handmade bracelets and raised an astonishing amount for for cancer charities. Harry earned the title of ‘Britain’s Kindest Kid’ due to his amazing courage; raising money for others whilst fighting a battle of his own.

Year 3 at the Botanical Gardens

On Friday 23rd February, Year 3 spent a very enjoyable and informative day at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The children enjoyed learning about the different plant types as well as how they adapt to their environment and climatic conditions – a perfect mixture of science and geography.

Young Apprentice Challenge

Budding young entrepreneur Louis M has risen to our Young Apprentice / Dragons Den style challenge.

On 2nd February, the Young Apprentice challenge was launched to help raise funds for an IT and Library classroom at Ncemaneni Primary School in South Africa.

Pupils have been tasked with turning an investment of £10 into something more substantial using their imagination, wit, entrepreneurial skills and hard work.

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