Catholic Life

Mission Statement

‘To provide a happy, secure and supportive environment for children and their families, founded on the Gospel values. Children are encouraged through mutual respect, compassion and the promotion of peace and justice, to fulfil their true potential in all areas of life, keeping Christ at the centre of all they do.’

At Winterfold, we provide a stimulating and supportive environment where children have every opportunity to develop their talents to their full potential.

It is our responsibility to nurture each child’s religious formation by widening it within the life and work of the School, in partnership with parents and the whole School community. This is done in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic faith, rooted in the Gospel values of love, peace and justice.  We ensure that children know how to follow the example and teachings of Christ through Religious Education lessons, collective worship, PSHE, RSE and we encourage them to live the Gospel values out, in their everyday conduct towards each other.

We encourage children to ask questions about the teachings of Christ in order to develop enquiring minds. We are aware that children develop at different stages and therefore we adapt our approach according to their spiritual needs.

We provide a happy, inclusive and caring environment which fosters the intellectual, physical, emotional, vocational and spiritual development of each child.

The Parish

The School works closely with our Chaplain, who celebrates Mass every Thursday morning in our chapel. We are also fortunate to have the support of a Deacon to assist in whole school Masses and assemblies. All those within the School community and beyond are welcome to attend regardless of faith. The children read and serve, as we feel it is of utmost importance to give them opportunities to develop their spirituality during the celebration of Mass.

Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders are an integral part of bringing children of all faiths into the fold. These children voluntarily embrace the opportunity to play an active role in the spiritual side of life. Their role involves maintaining class prayer areas, leading prayers within form times; helping to write bidding prayers for Masses, preparing and delivering termly assemblies; presenting options for Cafod gifts to their classmates; initiating charity events and displaying spiritual, moral, vocational, social and cultural work. They also have a saint on whom they focus and they are given practical training so that they can assist in setting up for Mass. In addition we have a trained, dedicated team of altar servers.

Preparation for the Sacraments

Catholic children in Year 3 are prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Children in Years 6-8 are also prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation by the Head of Religious Education, our Chaplain and our Deacon. Dedicated time is allotted to prepare the children and time is taken to meet with families to discuss the religious commitment involved in this undertaking.

Outside of the classroom

Our ‘grotto’ dedicated to Our Lady is a special place of worship within the school grounds. It is a place of quiet prayer and contemplation. It is also a place where in good weather, Mass is said, particularly during the month of May and we join together to celebrate God’s bounty in nature.

Archdiocese of Birmingham Inspection

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