Academic Success

"Throughout the school pupils attain excellent standards and the school meets its aim extremely well to ensure that the pupils fulfil their maximum potential. Teaching is of excellent quality and basic skills are taught extremely well. It is well planned and fosters a lively interest so that pupils are eager and effective learners"

From Kindergarten through to Year 8, every individual accomplishes something new every day. On entering Year 1, our pupils are allocated to Packs; Eagles, Swifts, Kites and Hawks, encouraging a spirit of friendly competition. Pupils are given the opportunity to earn Pack points through academic achievement and good conduct. Inter-Pack competitions are held throughout the year, encouraging a sense of belonging, loyalty, team spirit and commitment.

Pupils who remain at Winterfold to the end of Year 8 are treated as grown-ups and as they flourish, they take on positions of responsibility; Prefects, leaders of School activities and stars in our School productions. Year 8 Pack Leaders support our younger children through the Pack system and are excellent role models and ambassadors for the School.

We aim to provide outstanding education at all levels so that every child’s academic potential is achieved. Our staff are highly dedicated and well-qualified, and we operate a policy of continuing professional development which ensures that all our teachers are abreast of current methods and techniques.

Academic Achievement at Winterfold 2021-2022

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