Activities and Extras

“What do you want to try? Judo or horse riding? Fencing, golf or croquet? Come and join in and have a go. It’s all here!”

Education at Winterfold goes far beyond what is taught in the classroom. There is a diverse and wide-ranging programme of activities for pupils which extend and enhance the curriculum and enable children to find some area in which to shine. In addition to regular educational visits and residential trips, we have a huge range of ancillary sports and activities available at Winterfold, enhancing the curriculum and providing wonderful new experiences for our pupils. Such activities develop practical skills and encourage self-esteem which invariably leads to success in other areas of school life, not least academic.

Extra tuition is available in many different sports and pursuits, including Golf, Cricket, Tennis, Fencing, Ballet, Gymnastics, Hockey, Horse Riding, Street Dance, Judo, Yoga and Speech & Drama. In addition to this, all children have the opportunity to partake in a variety of activities in the course of the normal school week. The choice is enormous – from Cookery to Chess, Badminton to Pottery – every child has the opportunity to find something he or she enjoys.

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