Month: January 2019

Astronauts for the Day

Reception pupils spent a fantastic day on Monday 28th January at the Space Centre in Leicester. They loved the rocket tower, went on an alien hunt in the Planetarium, enjoyed a workshop on the planets and got the chance to meet a ‘real, live astronaut’.

The Shoes That Grow for Ncemaneni

The School is delighted to have taken delivery of 225 pairs of Shoes That Grow to give to children at Ncemaneni School when pupils, parents and staff go on tour to South Africa in April.  In May 2018, to raise money to buy the shoes, twenty intrepid adventurers, including teachers and parents from Winterfold and Bromsgrove Schools, completed the Hadrian’s Wall Challenge – coast-to-coast in three days; eighty-four miles, raising a total of £6,945.

Mathematics is Magic

Congratulations to our number crunching mathematicians Zoravar U, Annabel H, Clemmie H and Henry J, who made Winterfold history and came third overall at the King Edward’s School Year 4 Mathematics Challenge this week. Their mathematical fortitude was impeccable and they were a credit to the School.

Year 2 – Discover history – Florence Nightingale

On Wednesday 23rd January, Year 2 travelled back to the time of Florence Nightingale in support of their History topic. The pupils examined the life and times of a Victorian child, both rich and poor. They looked at toys, education and living conditions. A workshop at Scutari Hospital brought to life the appalling conditions that Florence and her nurses faced on their arrival at the hospital.

Young Orienteerers

The intrepid Orienteering Club have been out this week honing their orienteering skills, in preparation for the competition on Saturday 26th January at Sutton Coldfield.  Good luck everyone.

Year 1 Explorers

Year 1 travelled back in time on 16th January and took an immersive look at Exploration in days gone by, from Christopher Columbus to Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh. After looking at the different roles of the crew, the children designed a poster to find their very own crew. The classroom set sail in the afternoon and discovered what life was like aboard these wooden sailing ships.

Year 5 in the laboratory

In Science, Year 5 have been learning how to draw 2D scientific drawings for laboratory equipment that they have been using. After putting together a range of equipment to separate a mixture of silt, sand and small pieces of rock from water, the pupils were then challenged to draw all of their apparatus as a single comprehensive 2D diagram.

African and Asian Design Workshop

On 8th January, Year 2 experienced a super time at The Barber Institute, Birmingham as part of their Art and Design with Geographical links study. They were encouraged to… improve looking, listening and speaking skills through questioning and discussion, explore the fascinating history and purpose of objects and paintings in the collection, particularly focusing upon the West African ‘Altar to the Hand’ and rhino bronze sculptures. They worked to develop skills in enquiry, develop ideas and be creative, experimenting with new materials and techniques.

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