Lockdown Challenge with Ryland Netball

Isla C and Matilda N have participated in a lockdown fundraising challenge on behalf of Ryland Netball, where England International Stacey Francis learned her trade.  The team has been raising money for The Harry Bennett Foundation and care charity Community Integrated Care. The girls were tasked with the sponsored challenge of making 1000 passes in the fastest time.







Fairy Tale Scripts in Drama

In their Drama lesson this week, Year 3 have been performing in a group, even though they are apart.  The pupils have enjoyed performing their self-penned fairy tale scripts and even brought their own props.

Raku Inoue and Lucy Arnold inspired artwork

In Art, Year 7 have made some lovely studies of the plant sculptures by artist Raku Inoue. We’ve seen some observational studies and sculptures from leaves, petals and twigs.

Year 6 have made a super start to their clown fish studies, based on the art of Lucy Arnold.  There are some very careful observations and we can’t wait to see them in colour.


We’ll Meet Again


During PSHE assembly this week, pupils were lucky enough to have a tour of our much loved school by Mr Mitchell.  It was lovely to see the beautiful grounds again and all of the pupils agreed that they’re looking forward to the time when they can be together once again.

Yoga with Year 4

In Form Time on Wednesday 20th May, Year 4 pupils were treated to a very relaxing Zoom yoga session with yoga teacher, Mrs Copson.

Yoga provides many benefits to children, enhancing their flexibility, strength and coordination, whilst improving concentration, calmness and relaxation.




2020 Lockdown Sessions

Winterfold Music has launched a series of enrichment activities for all to enjoy.  The 2020 Lockdown Sessions will feature masterclasses, workshops, virtual concerts and more.

Tune in to Winterfold Music on YouTube to hear Head Boy Louis and Head Girl Lily on Corona Free Island Discs, brought to you by Radio Winterfold.

Improvisation Masterclass


Mr Durham, one of our excellent peripatetic music teachers has shared some of his expertise with us by producing an Improvisation Masterclass. Click on the link in our Twitter feed or Winterfold Music on YouTube to learn how to create music ‘as it’s happening’. Mr Durham leads you through everything from finding melodies within a pentatonic scale, to rhythmic improvisation, in order to help create your own music.


Winterfold Storytime Hits the Airwaves

We’re delighted that Winterfold Storytime is being enjoyed by so many children, from the Winterfold community and beyond.  In fact, Storytime has now gone global, reaching audiences as far away as USA and Australia.

Following Mr Mitchell’s initial idea for the programme, there have been nine episodes to date, read by Headmistress Mrs Toms, the teaching staff and pupils. Each week, a surprise speaker narrates their favourite story, with stories such as 5 Minutes’ Peace, The Enormous Crocodile, All the Ways to be Smart, The Selfish Giant, Noah’s Ark, Oliver and the Noisy Baby, Room on the Broom and Supermarket Zoo.

Fix-It Duck by Jez Alborough narrated by Harvey, William and Phoebe P has been enjoyed by many pupils, including the Phillips children’s cousin Elise, who has been tuning in from her home in New South Wales, Australia. Toby and Oliver listened to the story with their Grandparents in Florida over FaceTime.

On Monday 17th May, BBC Radio H & W interviewed Head Boy Louis M, Harvey, William and Phoebe P and Deputy Head (Pastoral) Mr Mitchell, who came up with the idea to record bedtime stories for Winterfold’s community in lockdown.



Winterfold Storytime has really captured the imaginations of our pupils and reassured them in these uncertain times.  Presenter Malcolm Boyden said it that it was a great idea which reminded him of listening to ‘Jackanory’ when he was younger.

One of our parents commented “It’s been such a lovely experience putting the story together to share with the children at Winterfold and beyond. Zoom schooling has enabled our children to keep in touch not just with their teachers, class and friends but with family near and far”.