“This is a magnificent school where children have space and opportunities to discover themselves.”   – Governor

Sport is an important part of life at Winterfold. Children are encouraged to take part in as many different sporting activities as possible, in the knowledge that most will find something which they can enjoy and in which they can excel. Success in any sphere leads to increased confidence which in turn spills over into the classroom. Many of our games teachers are sports professionals and children receive excellent tuition and coaching. In the last three years, over 80 pupils have been selected for county teams and some have even competed at a national level. Our children also regularly gain Sports Scholarships to senior schools each year, including Millfield, Shrewsbury, Bromsgrove and the coveted Levick Award to Malvern College. We are blessed with wonderful grounds and there is no shortage of playing fields, pitches or courts, as well as the space for letting off steam and just having fun. We have an impressive Sports Hall for indoor sports, gymnastics, dance and PE, and our changing room facilities are the envy of many schools in the area. There is also a heated swimming pool which is used for both teaching and recreation.

Rugby and Hockey are the main games in the Autumn Term, Football and Netball in the Spring Term, and Rounders and Cricket in the Summer. In all these games, there are teams which play against other schools at many different levels. There are also external fixtures for Cross-Country, Athletics, Swimming and Fencing. One of the advantages of being a relatively small school is that the ‘less sporty’ also have the opportunity to represent Winterfold in the course of their school careers. It is usual to have regular fixtures for second and even third teams. Thus, in addition to the exercise that sport provides, the skills the children learn and the confidence they gain, there is the added excitement of visiting other schools for away matches and being part of a team.

Parents are most welcome to come and support their children; it provides another opportunity for them to keep in close touch with the school, making informal contact with those who are teaching their children, and to participate in the family atmosphere which is part of our tradition. Tea on the lawn in front of the main house during a Rounders or Cricket match on a fine summer afternoon is an interlude popular with parents and staff as well as children.