Month: April 2018


On Friday 27th April, we hosted our annual music festival, ‘SING-IT’. Commenting on the event, Vocal Coach, Jane Richardson said “As soon as the choir started singing, it immediately became apparent that this is the best choir yet. The children were excellent – performing a variety of genres, with additional beat boxing and movement to enhance the pieces.”

Butterflies, Tarantulas, Iguanas and Mini-beasts

As the rain poured down in Chaddesley Corbett on Wednesday 25th April, Year 4 were enjoying a tropical butterfly paradise in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The children were taught all about the butterfly life cycle and were able to get up close to a wide range of tropical butterflies from many different countries. The children were also treated to a mini-beasts talk, from leaf cutter ants and archer fish, to tarantulas. Those who were brave enough, had the opportunity to feel what it was like to be walked on by a giant millipede.

Islamic Experience Exhibition

On Tuesday 24th April, Year 6 visited the UK’s first permanent Islamic Exhibition for Schools, based in Birmingham. The exhibition, which was very informative, consisted of five different sections: The Five pillars, Faith and History, Islam and Science, Family Life and Activities.

Classics tour to the Bay of Naples

A year and a half in the planning, the Classics tour to the Bay of Naples finally jetted off on Friday 20th April. Year 6, 7 and 8 pupils and staff spent four days exploring the classical sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, flexing their geographical knowledge whilst climbing Mount Vesuvius, and learning about the history and natural wonders of the Island of Capri from land and sea.

Year 7 CSI Team

Our Year 7 scientists have been working alongside Chief Wiggum of the Springfield Police Department to help the CSI team discover who shot Mr Burns. They have been analysing the ink from a note found at the crime scene and comparing it to the ink from pens of each of the suspects using chromatography.

Joe shines for charity

Joe B will be setting his alarm early this week and next to offer his shoe shine services to our pupils and parents as part of his Young Apprentice Challenge.  All proceeds will go to Ncemaneni Primary School in South Africa. Joe is offering a take-away service too!

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