Ncemaneni News

December 2017

Thanks to all of the fundraising by the Winterfold community, there is now running water at Ncemaneni Primary!

The Headmaster of Ncemaneni, Armstrong Mthembu visits Winterfold, October 2017

Winterfold opens new Science laboratory at Ncemaneni in 2017

2017 South Africa Tour Brochure

Report received from the EShowe Community Action Group, June 2016

The Eshowe Community Action Group was delighted to receive funding from Winterfold for the construction of a science laboratory in Zululand.

The Group are happy to report that the building structure of the science laboratory is now 100% complete with sinks, gas, desk, security gates, ceiling board and electricity also installed.

ncem school 2

Ncemaneni Primary School is 24km away from Eshowe. The Principal, Mr Armstrong Mthembu, has been at the school for more than 10 years. He is trying so hard to improve the school even though it is situated in the rural area. He has been in contact with Winterfold previously and 2 classrooms were donated in 2009.

ncem school1

The science laboratory carries the name of Winterfold School as donors on top of the classroom door. The learners will now be able to do experiments during their science lessons, something which was not able to happen previously.

Highlights of the 2015 Tour

whs sa

Perhaps the highlight for many was our visit to our sister school, Ncemaneni. We were given an incredible welcome with singing and dancing and much of this took place in the Winterfold-Ncemaneni classroom block that we funded and opened a few years ago. Winterfold UK pupils sang “Happy” in return and this summed up the emotion of our visit.

Ncemaneni’s Head Girl gave a very moving speech about the difference that the partnership with Winterfold has made to her and the rest of the children’s’ lives, and it was an honour to be able to present Ncemaneni with a cheque for £42,000 (R735,000) to build a Science block. We will open this building on our next tour in 2017 which will certainly be a moment to cherish.

Here are some post tour quotes

Our son had, and I quote, “the best time of his life”.  He has been full of stories about what he did, the people he met and the lessons that he learned!

THANK YOU – my boys both had the most amazing time , with memories I think they will treasure forever. I’m so glad they had the opportunity.”

“Ncemaneni was the most eye opening experience of my life, now I know why we raise money. Never take anything for granted.”