Learning Support

“The Learning Support Department is amazing and has really improved my confidence.”

The Learning Support Unit at Winterfold is widely recognised as being one of the best in the area. The School has an excellent record of success with children who have learning difficulties such as Dyslexia. Following ongoing assessment and consultation with parents, if it is deemed appropriate, children are taught in small groups or on a one-to-one basis, often using multi-sensory approaches and a wide range of resource materials. To ensure that the specific needs of each pupil are met, Individual Education Plans are produced and distributed to all teaching staff. 

The Learning Support staff are readily available and parents are encouraged to consult with their child’s teacher on a regular basis. Full written reports are produced at the end of every term. The school works very closely with educational psychologists and speech therapists. The school can also offer professional ‘in House’ assessment where appropriate.

‘Pupils with SEND make excellent progress in relation to their abilities. They meet their potential as a result of highly focused and individualised support’

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