Reception become Engineers for the day at Thinktank

Reception children had an exciting day of exploration and investigation on Thursday 19th September. The children were introduced to engineering, from creating their 2D designs, to building them in 3D foam blocks.  It was a great team-building exercise and they had lots of fun too.

The children also got the chance to find out more about how our bodies work and got to grips with muscles, guts and taste buds.

In the ‘We Made it’ exhibition, the children looked at why we use certain types of packaging, and how products are held together.

Outside in the sunshine, the children went in the Science Garden fun zones; Energise – harnessing renewable energy to power a mechanical theatre, Mechanise – using intriguing machines to feed the 8m high ‘Terminus’ machine and Mobilise – How does it feel riding on a wagon with square wheels on a bumpy road?

The children had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

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