Year 3 at the Botanical Gardens

On Friday 23rd February, Year 3 spent a very enjoyable and informative day at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Situated just one mile from the city centre, the Gardens have four glass houses filled with a vast range of plants, giving the children a ‘round the world’ tour, from arid deserts to tropical rainforests.

The children enjoyed learning about the different plant types as well as how they adapt to their environment and climatic conditions – a perfect mixture of science and geography.

After a picnic lunch there was time to handle some of the resident exotic animals; Mojo the chameleon, Toffee the corn snake and Rocky the bearded dragon to name but a few.

Whilst helping to sweep up towards the end of the day, Year 3 tried out their own version of curling, which received a mention during Clare Balding’s ‘Off Piste’ section of the BBC Winter Olympic’s review programme!


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