Meet our Outstanding Winterfold Learners (OWLS)

The inaugural OWL Group meetings have taken place over the last two weeks in the grandiose surroundings of the main house. Split into two (the English and Social Science Group, and Maths and Science Group), our Outstanding Winterfold Learners (or OWLS) have been finding out what it takes to win a debate. So far, they have explored the format of a debate and started looking at debating techniques; relying heavily on the ancient Greek strategies of ethos, pathos and logos. This week saw the group’s first attempts at formal debating, with the following motions:

  • This House believes that the time has arrived to get rid of the British Monarchy
  • Plastics should be banned
  • Humankind should spend more time and energy exploring the oceans than space
  • Artificial Intelligence will improve mankind

Debating will be continuing for the next few weeks and then both groups will diverge into more subject specific projects. The Maths and Science Group will be exploring some ‘magical’ maths with Mr Loughton, whilst the English and Social Sciences Group will work on the creation of Christmas themed radio dramas for Radio Winterfold.

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