Year 4 visit Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum

Year 4 recently spent an enjoyable day in Birmingham visiting Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum to support their study of Ancient Egypt. They took part in a fun but informative hands-on mummification workshop, where the pupils enjoyed taking on the roles of a variety of gods and then judging whether Pharaoh Eddy should be allowed to travel to the afterlife!  Year 4 were also fascinated by the mummies in the Egyptian gallery and in particular, loved seeing the mummified cat and snake.  Additional highlights were the Greek and Roman galleries and learning about how the Staffordshire Hoard was discovered.

Year 4 visited Birmingham Library and had the opportunity to visit the vast selection of children’s books housed on the ground floor. The children completed a Christmas trail and sat reading books of their choice.  The children also found the section of Braille books and imagined how life would be being blind. The children all behaved well and had an enjoyable, educational day.