The Bee’s Knees

Winterfold HS Key Stage 1 welcomed Shelia Lawes from the Kidderminster Bee Keeping Association on 23 January.

Following an introductory talk on honey bees, the children looked at fruits and nectar, discussed pollination and were introduced to the term ‘colony’ and ‘hive’.

After discussing the role of the Queen Bee, the pupils passed around some honeycomb and looked into why bees like hexagons.  They also used many adjectives to describe the honeycomb – “sticky…plastic feel… crunchy”.

Mrs Lawes gave a very informative talk on her own bees and how she cares for them.  After talking about solitary bees and bumble bees, the children had the opportunity to learn the difference between bees and wasps and exchanged “sting” stories!

A very interesting look at nests and how bees make them by chewing wood and spinning them like paper was followed by a Q & A session and a honey tasting experience!








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