Nursery Fees

Hours of Opening

The Nursery is open for 50 weeks per year, closing as follows:

  • 1 week at Christmas
  • 1 week at Easter
  • All bank holidays

Fees and Sessions Year commencing Sept. 2017

Full Time 8.00am to 6.00pm £2,815 per term
Full Time with Nursery Education Funding* 8.00am to 6.00pm £1,800 per term
Full Day 8.45am to 3.15pm £46.00 per day
Half Day 8.45am to 1.15pm £32.50 per day
Full Day with Nursery Education Funding* 8.45am to 3.15pm £12.65 per session
Half Day with Nursery Education Funding* 8.45am to 1.15pm £6.05 per session

Pre-School Termly Charges with Nursery Education Funding*

2 days, 1 morning £272.25
3 days £420.75
1 day, 3 mornings £484.00
2 days, 2 mornings £629.75
5 mornings £695.75
3 days, 1 morning £778.25
1 day, 4 mornings £841.50
4 days £926.75
2 days, 3 mornings £987.25
3 days, 2 mornings £1,135.75
4 days, 1 morning £1,284.25
5 days (8.45am-3.15pm) £1,432.75
5 days inc. (8.00am-6.00pm) £1,800.00


Two weeks holiday can be taken free of charge and a further four weeks can be taken as a 50% retainer.

Two weeks notice is required for any holidays.

Please note that holiday is deemed to accrue over the course of the academic year.

Nursery Education Funding*

Funding for the free education entitlement of 15 hours for eligible 3 and 4 year olds is determined by the Early Years Single Funding Formula. Each eligible child is entitled to a maximum of five sessions of three hours per week. The rates charged for the additional hours, including lunch after the allocation of the NEF sessions are shown in the table above.


All fees are exclusive of formula / baby feeds and nappies.

Additional fees will be charged at the hourly rate if children are dropped off or picked up outside the session times. N.B. A charge of £15.00 will be made if children are collected after 6.00pm. Charges may also be made if normal pick-up times are exceeded.

All fees are payable monthly in arrears.

If leaving the Nursery a month’s notice, or a month’s fees in lieu of notice, is required.

No allowance can be made for short term illness and no refund can be made if children are taken out of a session early.


If a child does not join the Nursery at the agreed joining date, a 50% retainer will be charged.

Please call the Nursery direct telephone line on 01562 777532 in case of queries.