Nursery Fees

Hours of Opening

The Nursery is open for 50 weeks per year, closing as follows:

  • 1 week at Christmas
  • 1 week at Easter
  • All bank holidays


Winterfold Nursery Fees 2019-20

30 hours in Kindergarten – Fact Sheet

Pre-School Termly Charges with Nursery Education Funding*

Winterfold Pre-School Fees 2019-20


Two weeks holiday can be taken free of charge and a further four weeks can be taken as a 50% retainer.

Two weeks notice is required for any holidays.

Please note that holiday is deemed to accrue over the course of the academic year.


All fees are exclusive of formula / baby feeds and nappies.

Additional fees will be charged at the hourly rate if children are dropped off or picked up outside the session times. N.B. A charge of £15.00 will be made if children are collected after 6.00pm. Charges may also be made if normal pick-up times are exceeded.

All fees are payable monthly in arrears.

If leaving the Nursery a month’s notice, or a month’s fees in lieu of notice, is required.

No allowance can be made for short term illness and no refund can be made if children are taken out of a session early.


If a child does not join the Nursery at the agreed joining date, a 50% retainer will be charged.

Appointments to have a look around the Nursery can be made by telephoning the School Office on 01562 777234.