Year 5 Geographers in the Elan Valley

Year 5 had an enjoyable and sun drenched trip to the Elan Valley in mid-Wales last week as part of their Geography topic on water.

The children were treated to a “not for the public” tour inside a dam. They learned that the water they could see provides Birmingham with its drinking water and that they were at the start of a seventy-two mile underground pipeline built 115 years ago.

The Elan Valley was used to build reservoirs because of the huge amount of rainfall it receives (the height of Mr Cotterill) and because of its height above sea level. The water leaves the reservoir and travels by gravity alone at 1mph all the way to Trimpley, just outside Bewdley, where it is then pumped uphill towards Birmingham.

After lunch, Year 5 did a field sketch and then walked around the reservoir.  They met a slow worm that looked like a small snake, basking in the sun and walked past a fantastic array of funghi.

There was just time for the obligatory trip to the souvenir shop and a much needed ice cream, before they boarded the bus for the journey home.

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