Visits to the Islamic Experience Exhibition and the Progressive Synagogue

On Tuesday 25th April, Year 6 visited the Islamic Experience Exhibition in Birmingham.

They were welcomed by four muslim ladies who gave the children a talk on different aspects of their faith including Islam and Science, Faith and History, Family Life and the Five Pillars.  They also had an opportunity to dress in traditional muslim attire and to explore artefacts.  The pupils tried their hand at writing their names in Arabic.  It was a truly enjoyable and informative session for the pupils.

The children were very inspired by their visit “it made me realise what a peaceful religion Islam is”.  “I would like to thank the leaders for giving up their time to help us learn more about their faith”.

Year 4 travelled to Edgbaston to visit the Progressive Synagogue.  Their guide Amanda taught the children some Hebrew words and a song that they changed loudly and proudly at the end.  They particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to learn more about their place of worship and the rituals and customs they follow.

“I enjoyed having a go at playing the shofah which they use to mark the new year”.

“The Synagogue is different to a church but they still worship God the same.”


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