The Orphan’s Way Home

The boards were well and truly trodden as Years 7 and 8 performed The Orphan’s Way Home based on the story of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, with music by Lionel Bart. The musical told the story of a young orphan named Oliver as he rose from the depravity of Victorian London to his rightful place in his family home. The play was substantially rewritten my Mrs Miles and the music arranged by Mr Price and performed by the peripatetic music teachers.

The heart of the story came from the amazing cast comprising of Years 7 and 8. Each one of them brought the story to life with some incredibly emotional acting, singing and dancing, and even the odd cameo from Mrs Miles and Mr Price!

Isla C’s Oliver was performed beautifully, complete with the innocence the character possesses coupled with the mind-blowing rendition of ‘Where is Love.’ Harvey P looked absolutely at home in the role of the Artful Dodger as he led the young Oliver to the lair of the elderly Fagan, capably played by Louis M.

Louis’ stage presence was something to behold, and his ability play a villain, whilst at the same time make the audience pity him and will him to succeed, was a quite a skill in itself. Finally Olivia G’s Nancy – tough, fiercely loyal with a heart of gold, delighting the audience with famous numbers such as ‘It’s a Fine life’, ‘Oompah pah’ and ‘As Long As He Needs Me’ left not a dry eye in the house. The four principle protagonists, supported by an excellent cast gave everyone who watched it something to take away forever.

The play would not have been a success if it had not been for the astute stage management by Alex W, making sure all scenes were set correctly, props in the right place and actors coming on at the right side.  He was ably assisted by Felix J and Gabriel P, who jointly ran the whole lighting system for the duration of the play and the air of professionalism and sophistication shown by the actors themselves.