The Magic of Science

On Thursday 7th June, Year 6 were welcomed to Malvern College for a “Magic of Science” Day. The children began their day with a demonstration from Dr Nick Barker, a chemist at Warwick University who entertained and educated everyone with an array of fascinating experiments. Acids, & alkalies, rubber gloves & liquid nitrogen were seamlessly brought together to explain how the colour purple took old-fashioned alchemy and transformed it into modern day chemistry!

The day was then spit into classes, giving the children the opportunity to experience Biology, Chemistry and Physics lessons at a senior level, with numerous hands on tasks.

The children investigated the five senses and mixed chemicals to form new substances whilst following strict safety guidelines. They then looked into how to create the perfect bubble in laboratory conditions, as well as seeing one of the Malvern teachers create a fireball in the laboratory. All this before joining Dr Baker again for a final explosive and mind-blowing conclusive demonstration.