Talented Year 4 Mathematicians at King Edward’s Maths Challenge

A team of our talented Year 4 mathematicians joined eleven Prep schools for a Maths Challenge at King Edward’s School, Birmingham on Monday.

Designed for teams of four, there were two elements to the Challenge:

  • A crossnumber involving team members working together to solve as many clues of a mathematical crossword as possible.
  • A relay race where the team split into two pairs, with each pair solving a mathematical puzzle before passing on the next mathematical puzzle to the other half of their team

It was a tough Challenge and our team did incredibly well.

In addition to the Maths challenge, the group had an excellent Maths lesson based on problem solving, followed by a talk by Dr Katie Steckles showing how magic and fun maths really is.  Dr Steckles has taught Mathematics Masterclasses for the Royal Institution and regularly performs at science fairs and festivals up and down the country.




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