Ski trip to Fiesch, Switzerland

Another fun filled ski trip took place over half term to Fiesch in Switzerland.  Twenty-one  excited children took to the slopes and enjoyed a thrilling week of adventure. This year, the group stayed in the Hotel Fiescherof which was a change from the usual hotel.  They were made to feel very welcome and the excellent en-suite rooms and superb Italian food helped to make it a successful stay for everyone.

During the week, there were lots of clear blue skies and warm temperatures, with only one day of snow. This, however gave the children a different insight into what life in the mountains can be like. Yet again, apart from that one day, the weather resembled Easter skiing, rather than February. They were wonderful conditions to ski in, nevertheless, it made everyone question once again, the effects of global warming on the planet.

The unrivalled attention and support given by the instructors enabled the group to make superb progress over the week. The beginners, who had already experienced some sessions at the dry slope, were seen cruising around the mountain by the end of the week, enjoying the thrill of speed. Likewise, the other two groups managed to polish up their parallel turns and get some real mileage under their belts.

A ski safari to the village of Betmeralp on the last morning meant that all of the children got the chance to ski together as one big group. It was great to see everyone enjoying each other’s company, regardless of age or ability and having great fun on the slopes with their instructors.

A small group of parents stayed in a neighbouring hotel and it was great for the ski group to have their support and camaraderie throughout the week.


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