Reception explore Dudley Zoological Gardens

Reception children had a wonderful trip to Dudley Zoological Gardens.  Following a workshop about the food the animals eat and how they survive in the wild, the children visited the reptile house, where they saw a variety of snakes, West African dwarf crocodiles and a rhinoceros iguana.  After the seeing the giraffes, meerkats, they got the chance to stroke the chinchillas.

The interactive walk through area known as Lorikeet Lookout was great fun; the teachers weren’t entirely sure about their new headwear but it was lovely to feed the brightly coloured lorikeets their pots of nectar.

One of the highlights of the trip was that the magnificent peacocks joined the children for lunch.

Dudley Zoological Gardens has had many successful breeding programmes which have included Humboldt penguins, Asiatic lions and Sumatran tigers.  Its breeding projects are linked to programmes in the wild.  Their in-situ support has been achieved in several ways, including awareness raising, direct funding, fundraising, research and education.

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