Everything starts with light

As part of their topic on ‘Green Plants as Organisms’, Year 8 have been learning about photosynthesis. This week, pupils have planned and carried out their investigations into the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis.

Using the pondweed Elodea, they have been counting the number of oxygen bubbles given off in a minute at each light intensity. Not only has this informed their understanding of limiting factors for photosynthesis, but has also developed their appreciation of the differences between qualitative and quantitative investigations.

Year 7 have already completed units of work on the use of the Bunsen burner and microscope as part of their ‘Science Skills’ topic. This week they have been brushing up on their data presentation, by practicing their table and graph drawing skills. Year 6 have been studying the properties of light and this week they have been using ray boxes and mirrors to investigate the Law of Reflection. In Year 5 pupils have been learning about the different types of asexual reproduction in plants and have had a go at cloning geranium plants by taking cuttings.


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