Discover History: Florence Nightingale

On 25th January, Yr 2 pupils had a very interesting Living History visit on Florence Nightingale. They learned about life in 1820, with a discussion about living conditions, use of fires and candles, outside toilets and jobs for children.

The children looked at early life in the time of Florence, explored hygiene products and played with traditional toys.  They discovered that schools weren’t common practice therefore Florence was lucky enough to be educated at home.

Following an entertaining reading of ‘Old Aunt Elspa’s ABC’, the pupils took part in a Victorian lesson writing on slates.  They were enthralled to hear how ‘slate’ is mud which has been left over millions of years and ‘chalk’ is made from little animals from millions of years ago.

The day included reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, statistics and data handling.  They investigated disease, Victorian hospitals and how they ran and spent time in Scutari hospital, the main British hospital in the Crimea.

The pupils were then given a role play, looking at the scene and working in groups to identify the main problems with the hospital when Florence and the team arrived.  They brainstormed what changes need to be made in order to improve the desperate situation!  Changes were suggested and with the use of props, they discussed how they could improve the conditions in their new Scutari hospital.

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