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Celebrating the love of our pets

The Pets’ Blessing which took place in the Secret Garden on Thursday 4th October on the feast of St Francis (the patron saint of animals) was a resounding success.

It was the very first time that the Blessing had been held at School and the weather was glorious.  It was a delight to see such an array of Winterfold pets arrive for the service.   We saw everything from guinea pigs to mini tortoises and even a Persian blue cat named Pebbles was laid back enough to be surrounded by the beautiful dogs present.

Not a bark was heard, as Father Lamb read an extract from the Creation story and sprinkled holy water over them. The hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful followed and some of the children recited Bidding Prayers written on the theme of nature and animals.

It was heart-warming to see so many families from Pre-Prep and the Prep School joining together in a way that is the hallmark of our School.













Funny Bones

The Year 2 Funny Bones English display has been pieced together and includes our 3D skeleton and dog.  Following the children’s story-map creations, they are now planning their alternative openings to the next Funny Bones adventure. Settings have included outer space, Ecuador, Old Trafford and the Sahara Desert.

U10 Girls’ Hockey at RGS Tournament

Well done to our U10 girls who took part in RGS’ hockey tournament on Wednesday 3rd October.  The team won one game, drew two games and lost one game, in a very exciting competition.

Our Yr 3 girls and boys really enjoyed their mini hockey and rugby festivals on Tuesday 2nd October.  It was lovely to see how much progress they have made in such a short time.

The U11 and U13 girls had a tough afternoon of fixtures against Moor Park but they continued to display some great skills and showed excellent teamwork.

Year 4 Designers

Year 4 are having great fun in CDT designing their balloon powered racing cars. Here are some of their team logo designs.

We have Marvellous Maclarens, Furious Ferraris and Blazing Bugattis to name but a few. Once made, we will have our Grand Prix race and look forward to sharing the results with everyone.


Vive la France

On Thursday 20th September, pupils from Years 6, 7 and 8 excitedly waved goodbye to their parents and set off for France.  After a ferry crossing at Dover, they finally arrived at the Château Fougères. After a fantastic tour of the castle, which contained a vast amount of well-preserved cultural relics, the group moved on to their place of residence – Château Beaumont. The château was grand, with beautiful lawns that backed onto a forest.

In the evening, the children enjoyed a treasure hunt finding clues scattered around the château, challenging the children to utilize their French skills to find them. Then all the children had to ask for a hot chocolate in French “je voudrais un chocolat chaud s’il vous plait” before going to bed.

The second day of the trip included a coach trip to Mont Saint Michel and a  guided tour around the ramparts.  After looking at the beautiful abbey, the children had the opportunity to visit the shops to buy gifts and snacks using their French knowledge.

Next stop was the pirate capital of France, St Malo. Again, the children were able to spend their money and sample local ice creams and crêpes.

One of the highlights of the trip was the exciting French night. Dressed in berets and strings of onions, the children were given the chance to sample frogs’ legs and snails. Most of the children tried at least one of the French delicacies, before having chocolate crêpes. The evening ended with a French quiz and a French dance which was thoroughly enjoyed by all children and staff.

The adventure continued on Sunday, and the constant rain couldn’t dampen the group’s spirits, as it was time to visit Festyland! The theme park was great fun and very quiet, which meant the children could zoom around on the rides as many times as they wanted.

The last day of the trip included a visit to the charming town of Bayeux. Firstly, the legendary tale of William the Conqueror and King Harold’s battle over the throne of England was brought to life by seeing the tapestry first hand and hearing an explanation of each scene. Secondly, blessed with a sunny afternoon for the tour around the beautiful cathedral grounds, the  guide talked about the different styles in which it was built and the Bishop’s headquarters.  Inside the building, the stunning sculptures and stained glass windows were a calming end to a fun filled trip.

Merci les enfants, c’était un voyage scolaire fantastique.

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning 2018 – Macmillan Cancer Support

We are Macmillan. Cancer support. World's Biggest Coffee Morning. Friday 28th September.

The Friends of Winterfold, pupils, parents and staff were up early on Friday 28th September, selling delicious cakes and ‘Winterbucks’ takeaway coffee to those dashing off to work.

During Collation, the children had a lovely time choosing their favourite cake and sitting with their friends in the ‘Winterfold Café’.

The total raised so far is over £1,000. Raffle tickets are still on sale and the grand total will be announced on Friday 5th October.


HRH The Duke of Gloucester pays a flying visit

Pupils and staff had a flying visit from His Royal Highness, The Duke of Gloucester on Thursday 27th September.

The royal helicopter landed at the School whilst HRH The Duke of Gloucester unveiled a statue of Stanley Baldwin in Bewdley, then visited the DRP Group in Hartlebury and Metrasens in Malvern.

The pupils were very excited to see the helicopter land and some of the older children spoke to the distinguished royal visitor who is a paternal cousin of Her Majesty The Queen and currently 26th in the line of succession to the British throne.

Everything starts with light

As part of their topic on ‘Green Plants as Organisms’, Year 8 have been learning about photosynthesis. This week, pupils have planned and carried out their investigations into the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis.

Using the pondweed Elodea, they have been counting the number of oxygen bubbles given off in a minute at each light intensity. Not only has this informed their understanding of limiting factors for photosynthesis, but has also developed their appreciation of the differences between qualitative and quantitative investigations.

Year 7 have already completed units of work on the use of the Bunsen burner and microscope as part of their ‘Science Skills’ topic. This week they have been brushing up on their data presentation, by practicing their table and graph drawing skills. Year 6 have been studying the properties of light and this week they have been using ray boxes and mirrors to investigate the Law of Reflection. In Year 5 pupils have been learning about the different types of asexual reproduction in plants and have had a go at cloning geranium plants by taking cuttings.


U8 Rugby Festival

Our U8 rugby teams enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of Tag Rugby on Tuesday 25th September which, for many of the boys, was their first experience of the sport.  Joined by teams from Abberley Hall, King’s St Albans, King’s Hawford, RGS Springfield and RGS The Grange, the boys gained a lot from playing at an appropriate level in a supportive, positive and encouraging environment.

Well done to all the players and also to the parents who came along to support.